Why the right size is so important?

The boot is the most important part of the skater’s equipment. Here at Edea we’ve invested lots of time and thought to design the best boots for skaters.
Our boots are highly technical tools and to work properly they need to be the correct fit.

Choosing the wrong size boot means:
• Reduction in performance.

• Foot and Ankle problems.
Skater’s with the wrong sized boots are more likely to develop possible foot and ankle problems like calluses, bursitis, tendonitis, bony prominences, hammer toes, hallux valgus, only to mention a few of the many issues that wrongly fitted boots can cause.


• Product failure
In extreme cases, apart from reduced performance, extreme discomfort and long term medical issues the wrong size can cause product failure.
So don’t be an ugly sister but be like Cinderella.
We’ve taken time designing the perfect boot, you take your time in choosing them.