How to get the right size for children

The Problem Of Buying Shoes For Children
bambina pattina iceOur experience tells us that Parents usually buy boots that are too big.
This means their child will:
• Be slowed in the learning process
• Experience reduced performance levels
• Have the fun taken out of skating
• Damage the new boots even more quickly – sometimes even ruining the boot
• More importantly it could lead to foot and leg problems and possible ongoing health issues
Buying shoes for Growing Feet
Edea have worked with our partners and parents to come up with a solution to this issue. The first thing to note is Children’s feet grow in stages.
percentuali-femmineEvery child is different and a lot depends on genetics but after the first year when the growth is very rapid the pattern of foot growth approximates to the following pattern:
1. 1 to 3 years. The average foot grows about 1.5mm every month
2. 3-6 years. The average foot grows about 1mm every month
3. 7 -10 years. The average foot grows less than 1mm every month

Our experience also shows us that the majority of this growth occurs over the summer period. If shoes are bought at the beginning of the season a 10mm gap is usually sufficient to allow room to grow without affecting training too much. Indeed by competition time at the business end of the season they will be perfectly adjusted.