How can I check if I have the right size?

Generally, skating coaches will be able to see if the skater has the proper boot size just by watching the skater on the ice. In addition, the following clues can be used to help you understand whether you are skating in the right size:

Footprint on the sole:


• Left Insole – short footprint showing boot is too large
• Right Insole – correct footprint

If the areas of the holes and the hooks are too close together the tip of the boot is raised -resembling the tip of Aladdin’s shoes.
This means the boot is either too wide or too long. On the contrary if the holes and hook are too far apart this means the boot is too small or narrow (suggest image of too tight / too loose and correct for people to see)
A worn lining means there is too much movement of the heel in the boot. This could be due to poor lacing so check that shoes are correctly laced. (click here link to lacing). If lacing is correct this movement could be due to misaligned support or the boot being too big.
This could be due to skaters not putting on the boots properly or not loosening the laces to take them off. The hi-tech skates need to be treated with respect to get the maximum performance so please ensure you put them on and take the off with the love they’ve been designed with.
A torn rear profile could also mean the boot is too large. The foot can’t work with the shoe properly as the boot is too high at the back causing the foot to be too inclined and putting strain on this part of the shoe.