Foot issues caused by wrong size

the ice figure skateEdea is sponsoring a program at the University of Verona that is investigating injuries to ice figure skaters. The ultimate aim is to provide scientific data to improve boot design and help skaters stay injury free.
Our research shows that currently one of the biggest issues in skating is skaters wearing the wrong sized boots.

A recent study investigating the feet of 95 skaters showed that 89% of the skaterswere wearing a boot that was between one and four sizes too big.

scarpa grande non allacciataWearing boots that are too big allows the heel to move up and down within the boot, it also causes the skater to lace their boot tightly, causing the foot to rub uncomfortably against the boot, sometimes in several places.
The result is that friction is generated on the foot and ankle and when this force is applied over time, several foot and ankle problems may develop.
untitledBigger boots also alter the mutual relationship between the foot’s anatomical structure and the boot’s features. For example, when a poorly fitted boot is worn, the foot longitudinal arch doesn’t sit on the boot arch, creating discomfort because the natural arch of the foot is not supported by the arch of the boot.
untitledAlso, with bigger boots, the ball of the foot does not sit on the part of the boot located over the blade rocker, resulting in difficulties in spinning (since the ball of the foot is not on the blade rocker, it is more difficult to find the “sweet spot” of the blade) and in jumping (since the foot toes are behind the toe-picks of the blade, it is more difficult and takes more time to reach the blade toe-picks at the final phase of the push-off) with an overall reduced performance in all skating elements.