How do I tighten my lace?

love_your_boot2The heel area is the part of the foot that controls the skate and it is essential that the heel is kept in place during skating.
For this reason we recommend that rather than even tension throughout the lace that an ‘egg timer’ pattern is followed as this ensures correct foot position and maximum flexibility.
  • At the toe end of lacing the laces should be slightly looser to facilitate toe movement.

  • Laces should then be pulled tighter across the instep to keep the heel securely in place.

  • This will allow the laces to be looser across the ankle to allow the leg and foot to bend. The tighter the lacing here the harder it is to move as the resistance of the boot is determined by the laces. Our lacing method allows the laces to be looser here. Edea boots combined with the Edea lacing method gives the skater the best range of movement

  • Once the boot is laced properly you can check the tension by running your fingers over them, they shouldn’t move.
    Lacing and unlacing can be made easier with an Edea lace puller.

  • Edea boots are anatomically designed to work with the foot and thus allow the best lacing pattern for the most effective performance. There is no longer the old fashioned need to strangle the top of the foot to keep the skate in the right position which restricts both movement and performance.

allacciatura-confrontoTo help you get the right pattern and feel for your boot compare the two different lacing patterns.

Boot B (right side) is laced properly while Boot A (left side) is laced incorrectly.
If you follow Boot B you’ll get the maximum range of movement, enhanced performance and the boot will last longer.
If your lace pattern is more like boot A you’ll be hindering your performance.
Check your lacing patterns against boot B to achieve the correct tightness and see how the feel, the comfort and your skating improves.

  • When taking the boot off loosen the laces ALL the WAY DOWN, so releasing tension off the boot to ensure it maintains its perfect fit.
    Tip: Do not leave laced boots in a hot car, as they may loose shape.