Love Your Boots – Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your boots is really simple and will make them last longer.
Putting on a gleaming pair of Edea skates that have been looked after will make you feel great and boost your performance.
Just follow our simple tips for better boots and perfect skating. If you look after them, they’ll look after you.

edea-tipEDEA TIP
pulire-lamaAfter every session always wipe and dry the blades to stop them rusting.
pulire-scarpaRemove dust and moisture from boots by using a microfiber or cotton cloth.
soap bubblesClean the boot with water and unscented soap.
As the boots are waterproof this won’t damage your boots but it will make them sparkle.
POLISHTo cover scratches, simply use Edea polish.
Watch the video to see how to clean Edea boots and how to apply the polish on them.
aria-apertaWhen you are back from the rink dry the boots in the open air.
If you can’t do this or you’re in a hurry (or on tour) use our odor absorbers. They are designed not only to absorb unpleasant odors but also to absorb moisture.
TONGUEThe tongue should be placed in an upright position when the boots are not in use.
The tongue is designed to take on the shape which is impressed on it.
If you leave it distorted you will find it distorted the next time you put your boots on.
love_your_boot3Loosen the laces to take off the boot, and loosen them further when not wearing the boots.
If not the instant shaping feature designed to give the best fit will shrink the boots as they cools down from 37 °C.
LACES WITH SWAROVSKI STONEChange your laces every 2/3 months.
This allows better lacing and is a cheap way to provide comfort and added safety to your boot.
SOCKSChange your socks every session.
Performing will mean sweat and this means bacteria which can cause unpleasant odors and allergies.
LITE-ANATOMIC-FOOTBED Change your insoles regularly, they tend to warp with overuse – which apart from defeating the purpose of inner soles can mean bacteria build up and unpleasant odors.
controllo periodicoCheck the structure and integrity of the boot to ensure it is performing; this will avoid issues at competition time.
Check the mounting screws are tight and that they are holding the blade for safety reason.