Julia Lipnitskaia

    Julia Lipnitskaia

    • European Champion 2014

    • 5° place in Olympics Games Soci 2014

    • Silver Medalist in the world championship 2014

    • Silver Medalist in the final GP 2013

    • World junior championship 2012

    Julia Lipnitskaia was born on 5th of June 1998 in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Having started skating at the age of 4, she won the European Championship aged only 15, making her the youngest European Champion in history.
    She is one of the most elegant and graceful skaters that the Russian Federation has ever had. Her spins stretch the limit of what is possible. She is gifted with an incredible precision in every step she takes, enabling her to attain scores that for her young age are extraordinary.
    Since November 2015 she is training in Sochi with coach Alexei Urmanov, the Olympic Champion 1994.