Ultra Lightweight

Edea is all about the skater. We think about what the skater needs and not the conventional “how do we build a shoe?”. Uppermost in our minds is lightness. Lightness isn’t a state of mind it is a matter of weight.

Edea boots are designed to be lighter. The modern materials and hi-tech design combine to make Edea boots lighter. Lighter is faster, Lighter is higher jumps, Lighter is longer jumps, Lighter is more air-time, lighter is better acceleration lighter means better skating, lighter means Edea.


If you are used to the old-fashioned construction with thick leather soles, steel plates then be prepared for your personal skating revolution because Ice Fly skates with ultra light plates are 1.4kg lighter. In fact when compared with some standard boots Edea are up to 50% lighter. Even against supposed lighter skates Edea can offer a 20-30% reduction in weight and that’s a lot of performance difference.