More Comfort

Edea boots are designed for maximum comfort and the profile allows a full range of motion, making skating smoother and more stylish. The anatomical shell structure gives natural support, the heel pocket holds the foot in place and the inner padding adds comfort without pressure points so you can train harder and skate for longer.

  1. Quick Drying
    sudoreSkating involves effort which means sweat.
    This when combined with ice can cause discomfort to the skater and even pose a health risk.
    Edea have looked to minimize these risks by using new materials that are more hygienic and dry more quickly than traditional ones.

    ventilazione_265_247Our team have also looked at ventilation and added a new system to improve the microclimate in the inner shoe.
    The supreme comfort of the Edea skate is achieved through a combination of advances in design across the whole boot.
    Here at Edea we’ve worked on the shape of the outer boot, the shape of the inner boot, the shape of the tongue and the shape of the collar.
    We’ve looked at the boot profile and whether the skate is for freestyle or dance. In seeking perfection we’ve left no area unexplored.

  2. Anatomically Shaped Structure

    shaped-on-footWe started by making the skate foot-shaped rather than boot-shaped.
    This means there is a better fit to the skaters’ foot with the structure designed to avoid creating pressure points especially at the ankle.
    The boot is designed to the curve of the foot giving the skater better feel and control over their movements whilst also reducing strain.
    The design and modern material means the power generated can also be transmitted better to the blade making the skate react quicker to each push.
    At Edea with our knowledge of skating and skaters’ feet we’ve been able to create boots that are shaped during production.
    Our boots don’t need heating or kneading like other designs and will fit most skaters from the box.
    The use of thermal materials mean the boots can be adjusted to match even the most awkward feet. This does require special tools and should only be attempted by specialized technicians.

    mobile-tongueThe anatomical structure is designed to give maximum lateral support and limit lateral flexing. Vertical resistance is also high to help protect the ankle. However the Edea design means the foot can bend forward at the tongue without compromising the strength of the upper around the ankle. This design innovation means the foot remains safe and stable in the skate while giving the skater a range of movement an old fashioned skate cannot. Our revolutionary design means the need to strangle the foot with over-tight laces to feel safe and stable is now a thing of the past.
    edea-tipEDEA TIP
    To help your skates stay perfect Edea recommend all laces are loosened off after each session and that the tongue is put upright in the boot.
  3. Shaped Inner Padding
    fodera-microfibraEdea have designed their boot so the inner padding fits the foot perfectly without any loss of sensitivity.
    The padding is designed to reproduce the ankle shape and also to ensure the heel is placed securely in the boot.

    The modular structure of the lining allows each part to adapt to its purpose in supporting the foot while the memory foam ensures the ultimate fit.
    Memory foam means that no awkward pre-heating is required as the foam responds to body warmth. Its high density nature also means that it maintains it shape and is long lasting.

    fodera-airtechThe perforated air-tech and microfiber materials used for the lining also ensure the padding dries quickly with added air flow so preventing the build-up of bacteria.

    edea-tipEDEA TIP
    Position the heel properly in the boot before lacing – a few simple stamps of the foot should ensure the heel is in place.
  4. Profile
    By thinking of what the skater needs Edea have been able to design the top of the boots to follow the movements required for skating while providing support.
    Compared to traditional boots the top profile has been lowered to allow the skater to extend their range of movement.
    This allows the skater to flex their tendons more easily and for a longer period. This helps in the lead–up to jumps and makes pointing the toes easier.
    profilo-scarpaThe rear profile has also been inclined to move the centre of gravity of the athlete slightly forward to make it easier to perform jumps and increase power when thrusting.
    Additionally Edea have modified the top profile so it is rounder and more able to fit the form of the leg.
    This means the boot can be securely fastened but without the creation of unnecessary pressure points.
  5. Shaped Tongue
    lingua marcheiThe tongue is fundamental to any boot and is even more fundamental to a hi-tech pair of Edea boots.
    linguaThe outer shell provides the firm lateral support for the ankle while the tongue allows the skater to bend.
    Edea have developed the tongue from two parts which are double-stitched together to create a double curvature that increases durability and flexibility. This means lengthways it can support the leg when bending forward while also giving a perfect fit in the width.

    Each boot in the Edea range has a slightly modified tongue to suit the needs of the skater.

    collariniThe Brio and Motivo models have tongues made with synthetic materials with a softer collar to provide increased softness wanted by skaters at this stage of their career.
    OVERTURE-fodera-sopra-liv-uThe other models feature a leather tongue which increases rigidity providing the extra support required by more advanced skaters while the shaped inner padding maximizes comfort.
    CONCERTO-fodera-sopraThe Concerto model feature a leather tongue that offers even greater stiffness that this level of skater requires. They also have a shaped inner padding and extra padding to support the tendons. Additionally the tongue is reinforced externally to prevent the laces cutting into the boot.
    fermalaccio-ice-flyFinally on the Ice Fly a further layer of microfiber has been added to avoid the tongue bending and hitting the tops of the toes during the routines required at the highest level. The advanced lacing system also secures the tongue firm in an upright position.
  6. Collars
    concerto_collarinoThe top ranges of professional skates at Edea have a custom-designed protection collar to help protect the tendons.
    Made of Microfibre, with compact inner padding it not only protects the top and the rear of the foot but also allows the toes to be stretched more comfortably.
    Lower profile Danza Collections
    flamenco_ice_collarinoThe Flamenco Ice skate features an extra low profile in order to allow the skater maximum flexibility when extending their toes. The lateral profile remains high to maintain support and minimize lateral movement.
    The extended collar means maximum protection of tendons while increasing comfort.