100% Italian Design

Innovation requires creative thinking and great design requires stylish thinking. To implement this innovation and design requires hard work.

cuore_italianoOur love for skating translates this hard work into a passion and it is these three elements; innovation, design and passion that combine to create Edea Skates.
When Edea first start to design skates we didn’t look at what has been done but what needed to be done.
This liberated our designers to think about what the perfect boot would look like rather than how we can make old fashioned boots better. Focusing on the issues from a skater’s viewpoint is why our boots are the best for skaters.
Being Italian means everyone is trained in style from the cradle. Style is as much a part of Italian life as pizza and pasta. This means all our boots have an effortless style and grace that others are unable to replicate.
In a sport where style is marked this means ours skaters are already ahead of the competition.

Production is based locally so we can employ local craftsmen who care as much about skating as you do. The factory being here doesn’t just mean fabulous views of Italian Alps for our staff but also means we can respond promptly to customer requests. We can also ensure every boot that leaves our factory reflects the passion of Edea, the quality of our craftsmen and the style that is Italy.
When you join the Edea Family it isn’t just skates you are buying but a little bit of Italian style.