Instant Custom Fit

instant-custom-fitHaving the perfect fit boot is the biggest advantage a skater can have over their rivals.
It gives the skater the extra confidence to do the hardest of routines and the increased feel means the routine can be perfectly executed.

helgesson-instant-custom-fitEdea set out to design this perfect fit and by using modern technology came up with ‘Instant Custom Skates’.
This means that each Edea Skate can be custom shaped to give every skater the perfect fit without the expense and time associated with getting a custom-made boot.

In the factory we use special shoe lasts to create the outer shell on and use memory foam for the inner lining which means for most skaters no modifications are required. For those skaters who need adjustments Edea’s use of a Thermo Formable Material means all boots can be custom shaped in the width.
The heels can also be tightened or opened, shaping can also be done to accommodate different toes – hammer or square and arch support can be changed for high or low arches.
Another great advantage of the Edea skate is once the boot has been fixed by one of our professional dealers it will retain its shape and not need constant adjusting that other methods require.
After the outer shell is fitted the inner padding can then do its job.
Edea use memory foam which shapes to the foot at body temperature ensuring the perfect fit and maximum comfort.
Many skaters who think they need expensive customized boots are surprised and delighted to learn that Edea Skates can offer all the advantages of the custom fit but without the costs.

don’t try cooking the boots; being Italians we think ovens are best left for baking.
Our dealers will use an electric dryer, moulds and a selection of specialist tools to achieve the perfect fit. It is important that only the part which needs adjusting is heated and not the entire boot, otherwise we compromise the structure and life of the boot. Cooking our skates is forbidden!

feetEdea boots are available in 4 different widths, C standard, B narrow, D wide E extra wide.
The standard C width usually fits most of the skaters and is therefore supplied as our basic shoe.
A narrower fit (B) is also available and other sizes D and E can also be ordered.