Greater Safety – More Confidence

When Edea designed their skates they started with the needs of the skaters and looked at the problems faced when using traditional materials and methods.
We wanted to create a skate that overcame the old problems of moisture, damp and cold feet and blades working loose. We wanted to make a drier, safer and more comfortable shoe so instead of worrying about the boot the skater could focus on the skating.
Old fashioned leather soles have an inherent problem. They have to be thicker and, because of the nature of leather, absorb moisture and weaken the integrity of the boot. Over a short space of time the consistency of the material changes allowing the blades to cut into the foot but also weakening the hold of the screws. The thread can no longer bite securely so screws and thus blade mounting become loose – which in the short-term effects performance but in the long term can affect safety as the screws can fall out.

Suola ImpermeabileEdea have solved these problem by using a modern water resistant material for its soles. This means the outer sole and inner sole aren’t affected by changes in temperature or increased moisture. Edea skates retain their integrity, and prevent the blade making a furrow in the boot or screws from becoming loose.
vitiAs well as creating a better base to screw into Edea also looked at the design of the screw to improve the hold. By using HI-LOW /(double helix) screws they are able to bind their blades even more tightly to the shoe.
An added bonus for those choosing Edea skates is that time doesn’t have to be wasted snow sealing the boot.
hookIn addition to looking at how to make the boot warmer and drier Edea looked at how lacing could be improved patenting a revolutionary new hooking system for its skates.
Firstly we changed the design and material making them from carbon steel so they are stronger and crushproof.
hooks_safetySecondly we looked at the positioning of the hooks on the boot. By giving the hooks a unique position on the upper lateral sides we were able to reduce pressure on the ankles and give the boot the optimum fit around the ankles This means when you pull the laces tight you get a tighter fit across the whole boot rather than the old methods which just exerted extra pressure on the ankles.
Finally we look at how the hooks are attached. The old method of rivets created a structural weakness and also meant possible allergies and rubbing as metal components touched the skin. At Edea the hooks are assembled and then sewn into the upper. This means the boot can adapt to the shape of the foot rather than the other way round adding comfort and safety.
shockThe final aspect of the boot we looked at was could we make the sole better at absorbing shocks. Ice Skating is a sport where there are frequent impact which can be transmitted from the feet upwards through the body leading to many common skater ailments including tendonitis, talalgia, periostitis, stress fractures, joint pains in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and even up to the base of the skull.
Edea by using modern materials in both the sole and inner sole have been able to reduce these shocks. These modern materials also allow us to use a lighter honeycomb structure which further dampens the shocks.
thin-soleAdditionally in our top of the range boots Ice Fly, Concerto and Flamenco there is a specially designed Dual Sole. Super thin but with a sandwich construction the two materials combine to maximize performance. The softer layer absorbs the vibrations while the tougher one holds the blade securely in place.
antishock-soleEven our innovative Edea accessories can help. The ‘Shock Absorbing Footbed’ is made from NEONE Anti-shock Technologies which absorbs 98% of all shock waves.
This is an ideal addition to any boot.